Condominium Property Management

Inspirah Property Management Ltd. is able to offer registered condominium corporations the highest level of personal service available in the market today. From the “date of birth” of the condominium and throughout its life, every service needed by a corporation to function efficiently, effectively, and in a financially responsible manner will be provided as part of your management contract.

From the day of condominium registration Inspirah will:

  • Secure the necessary insurance required by the Condominium Act, 1998
  • Set up your operating account at the bank of your choice
  • Set up your reserve fund account at the bank of your choice
  • Review all existing contracts with the Declarant
  • Liaise with the developer on closing dates of units
  • Begin the collection of common expense fees
  • Set up all required utilities
  • Arrange for garbage collection with the City of Guelph if not already secured
  • Pay all corporation expenses

When the time comes for the developer to turn the control of the Board of Directors over to the owners, Inspirah will:
  • Send out the pre-notice to owners calling for candidates for the Board of Directors
  • Arrange for a hall for the meeting to take place
  • Send out the notice of meeting
  • Attend and chair the meeting

And once the owners “take control” Inspirah will:
  • Meet with the Board of Directors on a monthly basis in the first year
  • Prepare an annual budget
  • Arrange for the Performance Audit
  • Arrange for the Reserve Fund Study
  • Tender out all required contracts as per the Board's instructions
  • Maintain the corporation’s financial records and prepare them for audit
  • Conduct an annual meeting with the owners
  • Handle owner concerns
  • Prepare status certificates on behalf of the Corporation
  • Conduct periodic site visits
  • Supervise contractors as needed